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Phoenix Surf’s mission is to be an Elite soccer club and the club of choice for all levels of play in Phoenix and surrounding cities. While promoting exemplary sportsmanship and ethics, Phoenix Surf provides the opportunity for Academy and Competitive play with an emphasis on developing the player and teaching the game of soccer through our core values, philosophy, and curriculum


To develop human potential through the game of soccer; to develop and instill the values on and off the field to set players up for success in life and in Soccer… To develop every player in the lesson of adversity to pursue their opportunities and goals through the education of Soccer.

Core Values

Accountability: Be accountable for your actions and hold others accountable for their actions. Who am I ultimately accountable to, and who judges my work?


Leadership: Leaders strive to be trustworthy, honest, and sincere. They possess traits such as integrity and honor. They are willing to serve others and sacrifice their own interests.  Leaders are constructive and hardworking.


Respect: Respect everyone. Respect the opponent, the rules, your colleagues, your superiors, and your subordinates. Be thoughtful and considerate.


Safety: Our environment is safe. This includes the office, our travels, the fields, and our bodies. Safety is not only physical safety from harm but safety from ridicule and attack. We are comforted and encouraged in the club. We portray self-control and kindness to our staff, our colleagues, and players.


Unity: Together all things are possible. When your teammates are down, bear each other’s burdens; conversely, celebrate your teammate’s successes.

Club Philosophy

Phoenix Surf Soccer Club has built a philosophy and curriculum that is based around a specific style of play. The club shall be famed for playing a possession-oriented scheme that demonstrates a positive mentality where play is progressed into the final third with creative movements, purposeful passes, and numerical superiority to create more distinct goal-scoring opportunities than the opponent. 


The staff at Phoenix Surf are committed to the training and development of our youth and look forward to inspiring any young enthusiast of the sport. 

Partners & Sponsors

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